Microsoft to enter the second phase of the development of its 'submarine data center'
Microsoft to enter the second phase of the development of its 'submarine data center'
  • Lee Jun-sung
  • 승인 2018.06.08 16:21
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Microsoft made an announcement on the 8th that the Natic project to build an underwater data center has entered the second stage.

Natic is a next-generation eco-friendly data center project that creates and operates data centers in the form of containers on the ocean floor. In 2015, Microsoft conducted a first-phase study, proving that the concept of an underwater data center was feasible.

The natic project has a data center of about 12m and has a total of 864 servers, 27.6 PB of storage, and cooling systems in 12 racks. 

The assembly and testing of the data center was conducted in France and further work was completed in Scotland.

Based on this completed data center, the team will continue its research by next year to obtain information needed to optimize and apply the data center.

Microsoft is pushing to quickly run its data center anywhere in the world.

In particular, the power generator using wind generator or wave in the coastal area enables the data center to operate independently without external power supply.

AI can be used to monitor servers and other devices to detect signs of errors and to check their impact on server life. Like other Microsoft data centers on the ground, many applications can use machine learning, artificial intelligence, and more.

As data center demand grows exponentially across the industry, IT companies are also finding the speed and sustainable solutions customers demand.

The Natic project is offering the concept of a new data center that can speed up the Internet and build quickly and cheaply for users in coastal areas, where half the world's population resides.

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