Perfect way to create healthy home for quality life
Perfect way to create healthy home for quality life
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Photo: Mitsubishi Electric Cooling and Heating
Photo: Mitsubishi Electric Cooling and Heating


Home technology devices have come a long way, and many homeowners are discovering that their features aren’t just for convenience and comfort. A growing number of technology-enabled home features promote a healthier living space for you and your family.

From boosting indoor air quality to cutting back on dust, dirt and germs, according to press of Globe Newswire on June 8, these ideas are the perfect way to add functional upgrades that improve your quality of life. 

Minimize floor debris
The floors in most homes are grounds for an unsettling array of dust, dirt and other unsavory elements, many of which are tracked in from outdoors. A robotic vacuum can help you keep these and other allergens like pet hair under control with next to no effort. Some models even know when they’re low on battery, return to their docking station to recharge then rely on memory to pick up just where they left off. Many are also self-emptying for a virtually hands-free cleanup job after the initial setup.

Create climate zones
A zoned approach to cooling and heating systems allows homeowners to cool and heat their homes in multiple zones, reducing energy consumption in spaces used infrequently. Today’s systems take climate management one step further. In addition to regulating the temperature, a system like Mitsubishi Electric Zoned Comfort Solutions offers advanced, multi-stage filtration that constantly cleans the air to capture and remove contaminants which may trigger allergy and asthma symptoms, spread germs and impact air quality. In addition, features like platinum deodorizing filters on select systems use nanotechnology to absorb and neutralize odors.

Wash away germs
It’s only natural that a device you use to wash dirty hands is often one of the most bacteria-laden elements in a home. However, if you don’t have to touch a faucet, concerns about germs may diminish. Hands-free faucets are hardly new; they’ve been the norm in public restrooms for years. Now these models are more accessible (and affordable) for homeowners, offering the same germ-minimizing and water conservation benefits as their commercial counterparts.

Monitor for danger
Fire alarms and carbon monoxide detectors are obvious essentials for any home, but smart models take protection even further by letting you know about a problem even when you’re not at home. By connecting the monitors to a smart device, such as your phone, you can be alerted to potential concerns before they become major threats to your health or even life. An added bonus: many models will also send notices about issues like low battery life, so if you get the alert while you’re already out, you can save yourself an extra trip.

Reduce ductwork
Humidity can cause heating, ventilation and air conditioning ducts to become damp and breed mold, mildew and bacteria, but eliminating or reducing ductwork means less dust or bacteria circulating throughout your home. You can further manage air quality with options such as a Mitsubishi Electric Zoned Comfort System. These cooling and heating systems are available in both ducted and ductless configurations and use filters that are easy to access, remove and clean. Typically homes only use one type of cooling and heating system, but some home designs, such as room additions or retrofits, may require a hybrid system with a mix of ducted and ductless products with short duct runs and robust filtration.

In fact, Mitsubishi Electric ducted air systems use less ductwork than traditional systems. Less ductwork results in less chance of air leakage, which reduces energy loss, and less contaminants building up in the ductwork. For homeowners looking to go the ductless route, the simplicity of an option like the MLZ One-Way Ceiling Cassette indoor unit is an aesthetically friendly solution that blends into the ceiling. This system easily slides between standard 16-inch joists.

Let there be light
Most experts agree that natural light is good for your overall wellbeing. Among the benefits are its mood-boosting abilities, and some research indicates it’s better for your eyes than the harsh glare of artificial bulbs (assuming you don’t stare directly at the sun, of course). Make it easy to fill your home with ambient natural light using smart technology for your window coverings, including blinds or drapes. Whether powered by a remote control or your smartphone, you’ll have the ability to create a lighter, brighter room at your fingertips.

Don’t overlook the outdoors
A lawn that is over-watered is a breeding ground for mold, insects and other threats to your health. A smart irrigation system can help regulate your sprinklers to monitor the weather and avoid unnecessary watering. In addition, some models allow you to program the exact type of grass or vegetation to help keep tabs on lawn and flower bed moisture levels and make automatic adjustments to strike a perfect balance between drying out and oversaturating.

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