LG Innotec to enter into the thermal electric semiconductor market in earnest
LG Innotec to enter into the thermal electric semiconductor market in earnest
  • Lee Jun-sung
  • 승인 2018.06.12 15:38
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LG Innotec (CEO Park Jong-seok) is planning to go after the thermal electric semiconductor market in earnest with its nanotechnology multI-fixed thermal electric semiconductor technology.

LG Innotec succeeded in developing thermoelectric semiconductor that uses nano multI-crystalling material and has recently finished establishing production lines for its manufacturing facilities in Gumi. It is planning to start mass-producing them during first half of next year.

Thermoelectric semiconductor is an innovative component that implements cooling and heating functions by supplying electricity and produces electricity by using temperature difference.

Thermoelectric semiconductors from LG Innotec are applied with nano-settled materials. Nano multI-crystalling material has implemented ultra-fine crystal structure that is one billionth of a meter. 

By doing so, it increased the strength and efficiency of existing single-fixed materials and expanded the scope of applications from home appliances such as refrigerators to vehicles and ships. Nano-diaplated materials are 2.5 times stronger than single-fixed materials and can be applied to vehicles and ships that are subject to vibration.

If thermoelectric semiconductors from LG Innotec are installed in small household appliances such as refrigerators and water purifier, size and noise of home appliances can be reduced.

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