5G commercialization countdown…SK Telecom launces 5G brand ‘5GX’
5G commercialization countdown…SK Telecom launces 5G brand ‘5GX’
  • Jung Se-jin
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SK Telecom announced on the 20th the “5G commercialization age’ with the launch of its 5G brand. On June 14th, the 5G global standard was competed, followed by the end of the frequency auction on June 18th, which is a quick step following the end of the auction. 

SK Telecom (CEO Park Jeong-ho) announced its 5G brand ‘5GX’ on this day on its homepage, YouTube, and TV commercials. The ‘’5GX’ means that the next generation network, 5G, opens up unlimited possibilities in all areas of industry, economy, and everyday life, leading to innovation in life. 

It means new experience (eXperience), unlimited extension (eXpand), and exceptionality (eXtraordinary). The ‘X’ also represents an unknown number that can represent anything and if it collaboration is made; the effects can be multiplied. 

SK Telecom launched its brand before commercialization of 5G in order to easily communicate 5G characteristics and values to customers. Because it is still difficult for customers to feel easy about 5G, it is a good idea to introduce 5G to meet the customer expectations 

SK Telecom plans to introduce the 5G brand ‘5GX’ to publicize 5G industries/lifestyle changes, services and technologies. SK Telecom also plans to use the ‘5GX’ brand in future services and products. For example, ‘5GX VR’ linked to virtual reality technology and ‘5GX factory’ linked to factory automation can link brands and products. 

Meanwhile, the first commercial models for the ‘5GX’ are: figure skating legend Kim Yu-na, soccer legend Coach Lee Woon-jae, and soccer commentator Ahn Jung-hwan. These three people will introduce SK Telecom 5G characteristics (overwhelming speed, excellent stability, and tight security) through 6 different ads. 

 “Beyond the technical description, it’s time to tell our customers about the daily and social changes that 5G will bring. We will broaden the campaign to use the new brand so that customers can easily understand and sympathize with the 5G era,” said Nam Sang-il, SK Telecoms head of the IMC group. 

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