Transition From Analog Broadcasting To Digital Broadcasting
Transition From Analog Broadcasting To Digital Broadcasting
  • Daniel Ko
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It has been announced that ground-wave based analog television broadcasting will be terminated by the end of 2012. The new change will transition to digital broadcasting. However, to make the transition successful, much preparation and evaluations are necessary.

The Korea Communications Commission plans to work with the local government and broadcasting companies to discuss matters at the "Digital Change Demonstration Project Promotion Conference. They want to set up a demonstration that will test and evaluate this broadcasting. After this meeting, they want to properly relay all the necessary information to the public to avoid any confusion.

The era of analog television will be turned off on December 31, 2012. This means that viewers must buy digital television sets or purchase television services such as cable. The government will sell a digital converter for those who do not plan to change their television sets. The change to digital broadcasting will provide viewers with a much higher picture quality, clearer sound quality, and other various services.

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