Is This Really Apple's Next iPhone?
Is This Really Apple's Next iPhone?
  • Kim Yea-rim
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iPhone 4G arrives in June

iPhone 4G has not been released yet, but we already know what it looks like. Thanks to, two different blogs, Gizmodo and Engadget. The picture of the iPhone 4G was unveiled to the world, but the picture could be genuine or a fake. Since Apple has not yet commented about the found pictures. Then how did this happen

The story

It was Monday morning; Gizmodo uploaded the same photos and video of the iPhone 4G that Engadget did. According to these blogs, the forthcoming iPhone is thinner than the 3Gs, but is three grams heavier. It has a front-facing camera, high-durability ceramic back, a wide screen resolution, and a 5-megapixel back-facing camera with flash.

The picture of Apple's iPhone 4G was said to be found on a bar floor, however, it sounds absurd that somebody left iPhone pictures on a bar floor. Nevertheless, it is possible that an Apple employee did drop the pictures. However, Apple is known to give incorrect information to different employee just in case a situation occurs, which makes it easy to figure out who leaked the information.

While people are suspicious about this, some have said it might be Apple who leaked the photos and video of iPhone 4G to see the reactions of customers. Well, the CEO of Apple, Steve Jobs did mention that the latest model would be released this summer, so apparently we will have to "wait" till June to see if this is true.

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