Electric Cars' Hope on Overseas Market
Electric Cars' Hope on Overseas Market
  • Kim Yea-rim
  • 승인 2010.04.20 12:03
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Production is brisk for Electric vehicles

Encouraging the use of electronic cars is in full swing. The electric car industries in Korea have their eyes on other countries. A representative said, "The domestic market is just not good enough. Foreign markets are the answer for our electric autos." They reached a conclusion that they need to procure into the overseas market because they feel there is limitation in the domestic market.

Fortunately, many developed countries have showed their interest in the Korean electric car industry. Since ATTR&D has received many offers from Southeast Asia nations, they are considering if it is worthwhile to build a factory in the region. Plus, ATTR&D is planning to reproduce the model that was stopped in 2003.

Also, AD Moters has further aim to make Europe and North America important exporting markets for electric cars.  Recently they have unveiled their new model and decided to name it "Change" meaning it changes from an internal-combustion engine to a pollution free electric car. AD Moters will be show casing Change at the Busan Motor Show on April 29. Furthermore, CT&T has made a contract to supply electric vehicles to companies in China and Spain.

Meanwhile, Seoul city and Ministry of Land, Transport and Maritime Affairs are going to have a meeting tomorrow to promote the popularization of electronic cars and also, to discuss about building a better infrastructure and development system.

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