Oracle Korea union pushes for direct negotiations with U.S. headquarters
Oracle Korea union pushes for direct negotiations with U.S. headquarters
  • Lee Jun-sung
  • 승인 2018.06.28 09:11
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Oracle Korea’s labor union is pushing for direct talks with U.S. headquarters for wages and collective bargaining issues, the Daily Labor News reported on June 26.

"Even after 40 days of strike, Oracle Korea is holding off negotiations based on its headquarters’ policy," said the labor union. They continued, "We are contacting headquarters to convey our position."

The labor union is demandingthat the company resolve job insecurity issuessuch particularly when new technology is introduced such as last year. The labor union has insisted on proper pay decisions after a 10-year pay freeze. 

The labor union has been on strike since June 16 after negotiations broke down due to a company boycott. The labor union and the company negotiated once or twice a week during the strike, but failed to reach an agreement.

According to the union, the company maintains its stance in the negotiations that it must return to work before negotiating in accordance with the headquarters guidelines.

The labor union recently filed a petition with the Ministry of Employment and Labor to investigate allegations of unfair labor practices.

"The company's attitude to the strike to talk is interpreted only as a sign that company does not want to negotiate," said, Kim Cheol-soo, chairman of the labor union. "We will inform U.S. headquarters of the reality of Oracle Korea and convey our union position."

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