POSCO selected as 'the world's most competitive steelmaker' for the ninth consecutive year
POSCO selected as 'the world's most competitive steelmaker' for the ninth consecutive year
  • Jung Se-jin
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POSCO has been named 'the world's most competitive steelmaker' for the ninth consecutive year.

World Steel Dynamics (WSD), a steel analysis firm, selected POSCO as the world`s top steelmaker at the 33rd Global Steel Strategy Conference held in New York on June 26 with 700 global steel companies and major consulting companies. 

This marks the ninth consecutive year that POSCO was ranked as the top player since 2010.

POSCO has continued to push for restructuring and financial improvement, and achieved the most operating profit and future competitiveness in the steel business since 2012 by expanding sales of world premium (WP) high value-added products and solutions marketing.

POSCO is also highly regarded in terms of diversifying non-steel businesses to realize profits from the steel industry and strengthen future competitiveness.

In particular, POSCO was ranked first with a perfect score of 10 points in a total of eight categories, including technological innovation, cost reduction, industrial costs, labor skills, restructuring, investment environment, construction of high-added products, and competitiveness of lower industrial products.

Meanwhile, the American steel company Nucor came in second, and Austrian steel company Voestalpine came in third.

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