Samsung vs. Apple Design patent wars end after 7 years
Samsung vs. Apple Design patent wars end after 7 years
  • Lee Jun-sung
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Samsung Electronics and Apple have declared the end of a seven-year patent war over smartphone designs. According to Bloomberg and other major foreign sources on June 28th (local time), Samsung and Apple have announced to the U.S. federal court in San Jose, California that they will withdraw all patent related lawsuits. 

However, it is reported that the parties have agreed to terminate the lawsuit under certain conditions, and the specific details are not disclosed. “Both sides have informed us that they have decided to withdraw and agree on their remaining claims and opposition on this issue,” said U.S. District Court Judge Lucy Koh. 

Samsung and Apple have both agreed to withdraw all lawsuits and not to file another lawsuit against the same claim.

Earlier last month, a Jury at the San Jose District Court in California ruled that Samsung Electronics would have to pay 539 million dollars for infringing on Apple’s design patents.

It was in April 2011 when Apple filed its first patent lawsuit against Samsung Electronics. At the time, Apple filed a lawsuit against Samsung Electronics over three commercial patents and four design patents, saying that the Galaxy S and Galaxy Tab copied Apple’s iPhone and iPad.

The design patent plagiarism cases were the appearance of rounded corners of the Galaxy smartphone, the black background screen, and the square icon with rounded corners.

Since then, the lawsuit has spread beyond the U.S. to Germany, Japan, Italy, Britain, and Spain.

However, industry analysts say that the reason why the two companies declared the end of the patent war after seven years is that they judged that the lawsuit that followed was not profitable for each other. This is because the market share of the two companies is declining due to the pursuit of Chinese companies such as Huawei.

Samsung and Apple have spent hundreds of dollars in patent over the last seven years and have spent hundreds of billions of dollars on litigation costs, including attorney’s fees. As a result, the two companies have agreed on the merits that only the law firms became profitable and their corporate image was damaged.

As a result of the lawsuit, the profitability of the two companies is staggered. Samsung has been ranked number one in the global market for smartphones, but it has been disgraced as a ‘copycat’. In the case of Apple, it has maintained its pride in innovation, but it is stigmatized that it is ‘distorting competition with lawsuits.’

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