3D TV Needs to Rack Up Content First
3D TV Needs to Rack Up Content First
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3D TV needs plenty of content to be a success

Today, 3D is all the craze, but this is not the first time though. 3D has boomed already, the first time was in the 1890s and the second time was in the 1950s. Unfortunately at that time 3D did not go over too well. Maybe, the third time is a charm not only for theaters, but also at home too.

Compared to the years before 3D has improved a lot and eventually the price will drop, so that people can afford it. In addition, thanks to the biggest hit movie in the world, Avatar, 3D industry is getting more attention. So far, it looks pretty much hopeful to make 3D a great success. However, there are still two problems lack of content and a solid infrastructure.

Even if consumers' buy a 3D TV, there are only a few DVDs they can watch. That is certainly not enough. Hollywood is planning to make 3D versions, but we still have to wait a long time to see it.

A representative from the TV industry said, "With a converter 3D images can be changed into 2D and vice versa. So it won't be a big problem." Well, there is no guarantee on the quality. Also, broadcast standards have not been set up for 3D. The industry needs to have the proper infrastructure for 3D cameras and transmission equipment.

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