LG Innotek unveils ‘Horticultural LED’ lineup to target the global market
LG Innotek unveils ‘Horticultural LED’ lineup to target the global market
  • Jung Se-jin
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LG Innotek will establish a full lineup of ‘Horticultural LEDs’, a light source that makes plants grow better than under sunlight, and will also pursue global markets.

LG Innotek has acquired more than 30 kinds of Horticultural LEDs for plant growth that have various light wavelength and light output. LG Innotek has not only launched Ultraviolet (UV) LEDs for plant growth, but also visible light fields. 

Horticultural LED is a state-of-the-art semiconductor light source that can control plant growth rate and increase nutrient content by emitting light at specific wavelengths. Its physiology such as photosynthesis and flowering are subject to change depending on the wavelength of light.

The use of Horticultural LEDs for plant growth can increase the marketability of crops. Horticultural UV LEDs for plant growth that emit 380 nanometers (nm) UV light can be used to increase the content of phytochemicals (phytochemicals) that are antioxidant, such as anthocyanins and lutein. The 405nm LED, which produces purple light, makes the leaves of plants thicker and the color clearer.

It can also be applied to smart greenhouses and indoor plants to increase productivity. With the blue light 450nm wavelength and the deep red 660nm wavelength LED, it will reduce the growth period by promoting photosynthesis regardless of environmental changes. 

It is also good for cultivation of environment friendly organic agricultural products. The green 530nm LED has the function of suppressing mold development. Furthermore, with the reddish yellow 615nm wavelength LEDs, it can prevent the access to pests or insects. 

In particular, LG Innotek plans to provide optimized plant growth LEDs based on crop type, lighting location, and required functions. There are about 30 products that have different wavelengths, light intensity, and glancing angle. Furthermore, it is expanding promotion for lighting and module business in Europe, North America, and Asia. 

According to the market research firm Yole Development, the market for Horticultural LEDs is expected to grow fourfold from 100 million dollars last year to 400 million dollars by 2022. With the expansion of smart farms and indoor plant factories, the market growth is expected to reach 700 million dollars by 2027.

 “LEDs are very effective light sources for growing high value-added crops at uniform quality. Based on our diverse product lineup, we will provide customers with Horticultural LEDs,” said Song June-oh, Vice President of LG Innotek’s LED Business unit.

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