Folk Art, Leather Brush Calligraphy is called "Rainbow letters"
Folk Art, Leather Brush Calligraphy is called "Rainbow letters"
  • Monica Younsoo Chung/ Canada
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[Vancouver] Leather Brush is a genre of folk art that is a style of painting developed by letter arts.  It is a beautiful, often whimsical, writing style called "Flower letter" or "Rainbow letter".  The name refers to the type of brush made of leather material that is used rather than a traditional brush. Using watercolor, the leather brush is used to create vibrant artwork, usually with letters or words incorporated into the work.

In the East, there is a traditional belief that leather brush art brings good luck to the home, driving away bad luck and protecting health. Recently, many people's preferred text includes phrases describing parents’ love for their children, respect for others and friendship.

Danny Ryoo explains, "Growing children's minds are sponges that absorb life's experience. If you hang a piece of leather brush art that includes the children's name at home, the children will feel proud of their names. Through this, children are able to learn about the love, understanding and harmony from families".

Canadians order many different gifts for baby showers and other congratulatory events. This reporter met with Danny Ryoo and talked about why people around the world love leather brush art.

Q: Your leather brush art looks like a beautiful font and image letters. What inspiration do people get from them?

A: When you see your name as a colorful image, you have confidence and are excited to achieve something that you have wished for. Seeing your name as a colorful piece of art has a confidence-building, calming effect on people. 

Q: When people see you writing art in the field, and they all feel so happy. What is the secret to making happiness?
A: It derived from old Korean folk art. They believe that their name written with a Leather Brush and hung on a wall in their home will bring people good luck and maintain their good health.

Q:  For what purpose do people use your art work?
A: When you look at your colorful name, you feel a kind of confidence. Hanging it on a wall in your children's room will not only brighten the room but will instill love and confidence in himself or herself. It will have an inspiring effect on the child. 

Q: In which country does your artwork sell best?
A: People of all origins seem to love looking at their names written in leather brush.  Chinese, Indian, Japanese Canadian and American love this art.

Q: I understand that you frequently attend international events.
A: Yes, I have shown them at some international exhibitions. I'm also trying to demonstrate it in gatherings of people from many countries, mainly Expo and the Olympic Games.

Q: What letters and pictures do you draw other than in English?
A: I can draw in any language but I prefer English.

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