Hyundai Mobis on controversy over the use of defective car parts
Hyundai Mobis on controversy over the use of defective car parts
  • Lee Jun-sung
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Allegations on Hyundai Mobis have been posted on Cheong Wa Dae National Petition Billboard on suspicion that Hyundai Mobis supplied defective car parts to Hyundai Motor when assembling a finished car. 

According to the petition filed on the bulletin board on June 29th, Hyundai Mobis raised a slush fund of 10 bogus employees who were not in charge of the expense contract they signed with Hyundai Engineering. 

On the other hand, Hyundai Mobis officials dismissed all of these claims as “unilateral claims”.

According to petitioner A, the author of ‘Chairman Chung Mong-koo must be plastered in front of the people, “When I worked as a security guard at Hyundai Mobis Ewha factory, I found that hundreds of boxes of high-priced automobile core parts were left in the yard outside the factory during my patrol. I took pictures and made a report to the audit office of Hyundai Mobis because I thought they were stolen without permission. The audit office of Hyundai Mobis announced at the time that the parts were not stolen or taken out without permission, and the parts were all packed in the finished vehicle and used up”.

“Theses core parts are wet and must be disposed of because of its poor quality. After finding them at around 2 a.m. on patrol, it was raining and all of the core parts became wet and could not be used. Using these wet components while all parts are connected to sensors can cause serious safety problems,” asserted petitioner A.

He further added, “It is considered intentional homicide when defective car parts are put on finished cars, even if no one died, it is considered a murder.”

In response, Hyundai Mobis said, “No way. In terms of quality control, it is something that absolutely cannot happen. Basically, because the parts are inspected, it is impossible to receive products that were exposed in the rain.”

Petitioner A also raised suspicion that the company is making slush funds with bogus staffs

Petitioner A also stated that, “The security company did not sign a contract with Hyundai Mobis but with Hyundai Engineering instead. The result of obtaining a contract and consulting with a security guard at the Hyundai Mobis Asan Logistic Center was shocking.”

He also added, “The contractors (security guards, garbage cleaners) signed contracts for 20 people, but the actual number was between nine and ten. There is suspicion that the company created slush funds by inflating the number of employees.” 

In response to this, an official of Hyundai Mobis said, “It is nonsense. Totally unfounded. Not worth responding to.”

The petitioner also disclosed the fact he was in a life-threatening situation.  

Further adding, “I will remove all the report that security company made to the audit office of Hyundai Mobis. I have been followed recently. It was done by Hyundai Mobis.” 

In response, a related official of Hyundai Mobis said, “This is not a one-sided argument.”

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