Samsung Electronics' unusual introduction of 5G 3.5GHz communication equipment
Samsung Electronics' unusual introduction of 5G 3.5GHz communication equipment
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Samsung Electronics is drawing attention by holding demonstrations as it has introduced 5G communication equipment through media. 

Samsung Electronics introduced actual 5G base stations with 33.5GHz bandwidth at Samsung Electronics Digital City in Suwon, Gyeonggi Province on July 13.

The released equipment is the smallest of standards based products by the International Cooperation Organization (3GPP), which was completed in June. At the event, the company also introduced diverse future services using 5G network, which was built in Digital City.

Samsung Electronics announced that it will mass-produce equipment on full-scale as soon as software development and optimization is completed and supply equipment to mobile telecommunication businesses at the right time.

Samsung Electronics' recent move is seen as an attempt to refute industries' assessment that it is lagging behind Huawei in China.

Industries believe that this statement is aimed at security issues that are pointed out as weaknesses of Huawei's telecommunication equipment. Although size of telecommunication equipment market of South Korea is small globally, it is meaningful as 5G mobile service will be commercialized for the first time in the world in March 2019.

There is a growing possibility that Huawei will gain competitive edge in other countries if it takes control of South Korea's 5G equipment. Huawei recorded 28 % of market shares in global telecommunication equipment markets last year. However, Huawei once supplied equipment to LG Uplus for 4th generation LTE in South Korea.

Huawei participated in requests for equipment from 3 mobile telecommunication businesses and is currently testing its performance and even invited South Korean reporters to R&D Center in Shanghai last month.

On the other hand, Samsung Electronics ' telecommunication equipment has only 3 % of global market share, which is lower than Huawei's, and China's ZTE's. However, it has the largest market share of 40 % in Korea, and it is planning to supply equipment to all 3 mobile telecommunication businesses in 5G market.

As Huawei, which was successful in developing 5G equipment, is pushing forward with its price and performance, Samsung Electronics is going to take on South Korean markets in order to achieve 20 % of global 5G equipment markets by 2020.

Some of the communication equipment released on the day include FWA(fixed wireless access) service communication equipment and mobile devices that utilize 5G technology. A Samsung source said that base stations and CPE, which were supplied to Verizon, will start commercial services within this year.

Samsung, however, provides communication equipment and handsets to seven cities, including Sacramento, the first commercial service to be delivered, and provides 5G wireless network design services for the 28GHz band.​

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