Starbucks Korea controversy over display case cleaning
Starbucks Korea controversy over display case cleaning
  • Jung Se-jin
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Sprayed detergent on the inside surface of the display case even though some cake was still left.

It has been revealed that at Starbucks Korea’s A store,detergent was sprayed on the inside surface of the display case even though there was still cake left to sell. 

According to ‘Money Today’ on the 16th, shop A emptied the cakes in the display case for cleaning, but left the cakes in the bottom shelf and sprayed the cleaning agent. 

“It was shocking to see how they clean the display case with detergent even with cakes left on the bottom shelf. The detergent was sprayed all over the cakes; I don’t think the detergent is also edible,” said customer Park who visited Starbucks Korea’s A store on June 10th. 

“It is common to remove all of the cakes first in the glass display case, clean the glass, ventilate the remnants of the detergent, and then reuse it,” said Lee who has been running a private café for the past 5 years. 

Starbucks confirmed the incident through the CCTV and admitted that it was a mistake that could have been fully avoided if they had read the manual properly. 

“After confirming the CCTV at the store, it was found that a partner actually sprayed detergent on the glass. Fortunately, it was revealed that the partner did not drenched the glass with detergent but only sprayed a small amount, and also had all the bakeries on the third-shelf left out,” said a Starbucks official. 

Further adding, “We are doing our best to confirm the facts and correct them immediately. I am afraid that all Starbucks stores will be reflected as if they are cleaning in such way.”

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