POPC, blockchain + advertising
POPC, blockchain + advertising
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A leading U.S. advertising agency, POPC announced on July 31 that it began applying blockchain technology to digital advertisements. The aim is to build a distributed eco-value shared ad platform that will transform the current low payment efficiency and high traffic fraud in the digital advertising industry.

The CEO of POPC Ecological Value Sharing Advertising Platform, Job Garcia, gave an interview with the U.S. some media.  Job Garcia said, "There is no question that the modern digital advertising industry is a mess.  Most advertising budgets go into the pockets of large companies such as Google and Facebook, where ads face malware, privacy violations, and traffic loss attacks."  " The fraud and errors reported by data users have caused POPC to focus on solving these problems."

POPC has established branches in several countries and regions. POPC is a " blockchain + advertising " project based on the application of block-chain technology to the advertising industry. 

As an intelligent, transparent, open and honest platform for sharing ecological value, POPC presents innovative blockchain applications in the field of advertising.  

POPC quantifies and distributes value within the ecosystem, and uses POPC constants to realize the benefits of participating in digital advertising.  After signing up for free, users can choose their favorite ad, and the system rewards the advertising count.  At the same time, users get platform rewards for each ad with quality content.  These integers are the benefits of participating in digital advertising.

"POPC Integrity will support a variety of supply financing applications such as consumer finance, investment, finance and industrial finance," said Job Garcia. He added "POPC is the world's first commercialized block-chain platform and will lead the block-chain industry to a new stage of development." 

Source/POPC, PRNewswire

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