Samsung Electronics manager fires a BB gun to a junior staff during a team meeting
Samsung Electronics manager fires a BB gun to a junior staff during a team meeting
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It was later announced that a Samsung Electronics manager fired a BB gun to a junior staff during a team meeting saying he disliked the staff.

A media outlet reported on August 1st that manager A of Samsung Electronics Memory Division fired a toy BB gun to junior staff B during a team meeting, saying that he did not like his work performance and disliked his attitude.

After investigating the case, Samsung Electronics conducted an educational training session with manager A. The victim was giving the option of moving to a different department 

However, it has been reported that employees are complaining about the educational measures Samsung Electronics took against assailant A. This is because the educational session that manager A received was for someone who was becoming a new Samsung Electronics executive 

Furthermore, as manager A was found to be the child of a former Vice-president of Samsung Electronics, suspicions are rising that the company is protecting the offender. 

The victim told the company that it was very difficult to work with manager A, and decided to move to another department. Samsung Electronics has not informed the media about the details of the incident. 

 “The reason why Samsung Electronics is working harder on suturing the issue rather than actively resolving it is because the Memory Business unit is earning enormous profits and is the cash-cow of the company. There is an internal criticism that punishment is not that severe for executives and managers even if an incident occurs,” said an official at Samsung Electronics in an interview with Chosun Biz.

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