The war begins in cryptocurrency ecosystem
The war begins in cryptocurrency ecosystem
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'convergence of virtual and real values'


TMTG developer DGE whose slogan is "convergence of virtual and real values" said that the war in cryptocurrency ecosystem has already begun, in response to bitcoin millionaire Roger Ver, who said digital currency will increase national economic freedom, and will be recognized as an actual currency, at Huobi Carnival held in Gangnam District of Seoul on August 3. 

According to a DGE official, compared to last year's coin competition frenzy, this year's coin market is going through a Little Ice Age. Last year, many coin developers were focusing on their coin technology, without contemplation on adding stability to the ecosystem. Now the ecosystem in going through immense changes.  .   
According to press release of PR Newswire, Regarding the global fast food chain McDonald's' implementation of McCoin and global coffee chain Starbucks' plan for a cryptocurrency payment system, DGE commented while embracing the new technology will have positive effects, the cryptocurrency market is in the process of creating a stable ecosystem.

DGE official also said, "McDonald's' and Starbucks' entry into cryptocurrency market simply means they want to create useful and practical payment system for their customers. Coins with weak or unprepared ecosystem will have to start actively creating their own ecosystem or find a suitable one."

Moreover, DGE expressed that even the coins with an ecosystem should remain on guard to strengthen and expand its ecosystem, saying, "Current competition in the ecosystem among the existing coins and new ones will only become fiercer."

Before the launching of TMTG, DGE focused on creating a stable ecosystem. Now to increase the stability, DGE is on its way to complete its affiliation agreement with overseas gold exchanges and global service providers.

In addition to its successful listing on IDCM on August 1, TMTG is anticipating its second listing in cryptocurrency exchange CoinSuper on August 16.

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