Lotte World part-time student falls to “heat stroke”
Lotte World part-time student falls to “heat stroke”
  • Kim Min-jee
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Transferred to the hospital when the condition got worse in the infirmary
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It has been revealed that a part-time performance worker, who was wearing a doll costume at Lotte World, collapsed due to a heat stroke.

Lotte World did not immediately move the part-time worker to the hospital, but left him in custody for about an hour.

When the incident was reported to the public, a Lotte World manager pressed the employee saying that he would take legal action if the employee disclosed any false facts.  

According to the Department of Justice on August 13th, Lotte World Adventure Entertainment Team’s performer A, a staff member who worked part-time (cast), was hit by a heat stroke two times on the 24th and 25th of last month. 

Despite the emergency situation where performer A couldn’t breathe properly, Lotte World did not take proper measures such as transferring him to a hospital.

Lotte World left performer A on the floor of the waiting room, then moved him to the infirmary, where he was only given medicines such as digestives and ointments during an hour. As the condition of performer A worsened, it was then when he was finally taken to the hospital  

“Lotte World questioned the fitness condition of performer A, and said that the employee should get a resignation letter. It is unfair to fire a person who has collapsed and lost his consciousness twice,” said an employee during an interview with “The Fact”.

In response to this, it was stated that the nurse at Lotte World’s infirmary took the necessary measures. Furthermore, Lotte World offered the employee other tasks but the employee decided to participate in the performance. 

Regarding employees’ claim that they didn’t have enough time to rest, the company said, “We will provide enough time for rest.”

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