Hyundai Rotemgets new order for Seoul city subway system
Hyundai Rotemgets new order for Seoul city subway system
  • Jung Se-jin
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Hyundai Rotem announced on August 20th that it wil supply the city rail system worth 326.6 million dollars from the Seoul Metropolitan Government’s urban railroad project. 

It will be delivered as a turn-key contract not only to deliver 50 trains but also to supply system equipment such as signal, communication, track, power equipment, vehicle inspection equipment and PSD (Platform Screen Door).

The project will build a 13.4-kilometer-long railway line connecting Seongdong-gu and Nowon-gu in Seoul with 16 stations and one railway yard. It is anticipated that the project will be completed in 2024 and provide transportation services to the northeastern part of Seoul where roads and other infrastructures are vulnerable and traffic congestion is constantly occurring. 

The light rail is an unmanned driving subway train car that does not require an engineer and it is operated automatically according to the central control system of the train with two groups and a capacity of 172 people. An air conditioner was installed to keep the carbon dioxide concentration inside the train at an appropriate level so that passengers can use the train comfortably. The maximum operating speed of the train is 70 kilometers per hour.

Hyundai Rotem was the first to enter the unmanned subway train market in 2005, winning 40 unmanned subway trains in Vancouver, Canada, 174 units of Sao Paulo in 2007, 120 units in the Sinbundang Line in 2007, 46 units in Gimpo light Rail Transit in 2013, and 300 units in Istanbul line 7 in 2016, recording the world’s fifth largest unmanned subway train market share based on route length. 

Hyundai Rotem will supply not only light rail, but also electric and mechanical facilities for train operation.
In particular, the system equipment to be applied to the signaling equipment was applied to KRTCS (Korea Radio based Train Control System) standard equipment developed by Hyundai Rotem in 2011 and developed in 2014, and also received the Level 4 SIL (Safety Integrity Level) certification.

Meanwhile, Hyundai Rotem is currently operating the Gyeongjeon Railroad project in Northeast Asia, starting with the turn-key project on Seoul Line 9 in 2004, followed by Busan-KimhaeGyeongjeon Railroad in 2006, Incheon Line 2 in 2009 and the Manila transit in Philippines in 2016.

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