POSTECH accelerates commercialization of fuel cells
POSTECH accelerates commercialization of fuel cells
  • Kim Min-jee
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Proposal of a methodology for improving Solid Oxide Fuel Cell efficiency

The POSTECH research team has developed a technology that solves the problem of poor fuel cell performance over time. Furthermore, it is expected that the commercialization of fuel cells will be greatly accelerated. 

POSTECH announced on August 20th that it devised a method that does not produce Strotium (Sr), a chronic problem that lowers the efficiency of solid oxide fuel cells. 

Solid Oxide fuel cells are highly stable because both electrodes and electrolytes are composed of solids. Just as hydrogen, it is possible to make a variety of fuels such as gas directly into electricity, and conversely, electricity can be converted into gas, which is attracting attention as an environmentally friendly future energy source.

However, because it is made into a solid, it requires a high temperature to generate electricity. As oxygen is reduced at high temperatures and deformation occurs in the air electrode that generates electrons, Strontium leaks out to the surface of the oxide and the performance of the cell deteriorates over time. This has been a hindrance to commercialization.

Based on their review of over 100 related papers and their own research results, the research team has investigated the causes of Strontium precipitation and surface segregation for the development of high durability air electrode materials for fuel cells that do not leak Strontium. The research team also searched for a methodology for designing optimal cathode materials for fuel cells. 

The practical application of this methodology is expected to increase the durability of the fuel cell, lower the price, and increase battery life.

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