Greenpeace to deliver ‘Roadmap for Renewable Energy’ to Samsung
Greenpeace to deliver ‘Roadmap for Renewable Energy’ to Samsung
  • Jung Se-jin
  • 승인 2018.08.28 12:01
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Greenpeace, an international environmental group, announced on August 27th that it delivered the ‘Samsung Electronics’ new challenge and opportunity: Achieving 100% Renewable Energy Roadmap,’ which was released by Samsung Electronics in June. 

In June, Samsung Electronics announced that it will apply its renewable energy plan to all businesses in the U.S, Europe and China (including manufacturing plants, buildings and offices) by 2020. 

Earlier, Greenpeace urged Samsung Electronics to use 100% renewable energy instead of fossil fuels, which are said to be the main cause of climate change. 

The report details what steps should be taken to become a leader in climate change in five key regions where Samsung Electronics operates: Korea, the U.S., Europe, China and Vietnam.  

In the report, Greenpeace suggested that Samsung Electronics should substantially expand the use of renewable energy by region where each business site is located, replacing its use of fossil fuels. 


Furthermore, Greenpeace actively proposed policymakers that the government should make efforts to purchase renewable energy directly instead of purchasing renewable energy certificates and provide it in areas where renewable energy cannot be separated from coal-fired power generation energy such as Korea.

In addition, Greenpeace demanded that the method and use of renewable energy be officially and transparently disclosed. 

“Greenpeace will continue to monitor Samsung Electronics’ commitment to the way it truly contributes to climate change,” said an official at Greenpeace.

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