Daewoo Construction Constructs UC Environment
Daewoo Construction Constructs UC Environment
  • Daniel Ko
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Daewoo Construction will be the country's first construction enterprise to implement Korea's IBM Unified Communication (UC) environment. This UC solution provides a 'smart workplace' by using IBM's Lotus software as the foundation.

This new UC environment provides emails, approvals, video conferences, IP telephones, bulletin boards, messenger, which all are interlocked as one for the employees to use. Also it is possible for smartphones to use email, electronic approval, and messenger boards.

Daewoo implemented this system to propel communication necessities to reach a standard that matches with today's current technology. The person responsible for this transition, Daewoo's IT strategy team leader Ko Young Nam stated, "Our business environment has been changed to provide quicker actions, task efficiency, and raise the level of creativity. That is the reason why we constructed the UC environment. This UC environment will help reform our way of working by allowing us to work more efficiently."

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