Sun Portable Butane Gas, is Global Consumers' No.1 Choice
Sun Portable Butane Gas, is Global Consumers' No.1 Choice
  • Yeon Choul-woong
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Sun Butane Fuel Cartridges

The familiar and catchy radio commercial song that goes like "First wives are better... SUN fuel is better... old friends are better... the nations' No.1 pick and inseparable friend SUN fuel..." was made for the SUN portable butane gas cartridge, one of the world's best Korean products, handpicked by the Ministry of Knowledge and Economy.

Three decades ago, Taeyang Industrial Co., a Korean portable butane gas cartridge maker, had imported technology from Japan to become the first in S. Korea to manufacture portable butane gas cartridges and sell them on the Korean market. Since then, its brand "SUN" has successfully entrenched itself as the world's best in and out of S. Korea, gobbling up market shares - over 70 percent market share in S. Korea and around 60 percent in the world. In other words, of the total 400 to 500 million global markets for portable butane gas cartridges, more than 200 million markets are solely dominated by SUN portable butane gas cartridges.

On the output front, Taeyang Industrial Co. prides itself on its ultra high-speed production line that is capable of rolling out 600 SUN portable butane gas cartridges per minute. In addition, Taeyang Industrial Co. has churned out more than 200 million SUN portable butane gas cartridges a year, cementing its position as the global market leader with the greatest output capacity. On the technological front, Taeyang Industrial Co's technological prowess has been rated high in and out of S. Korea, as evidenced by the company's winning of certifications - such as ISO 9001:2000, UL (the U.S.), JIA (Japan), TUV (Europe) and "K" mark (S. Korea). With these international certifications under its belt, Taeyang Industrial Co. has been on a roll, exporting its SUN portable butane gas cartridges to 50 nations including Japan.

As a matter of fact, Japan had exported its technology for making portable butane gas cartridges to S. Korea. Nonetheless, S. Korea has come out on top as the 1997 Asian financial crisis gave a boost to the Korean restaurant industry and the production of instant foods; consequently it increased the use of portable butane by Koreans.

Taeyang Industrial Co., Ltd

In 1995 when Japan reeled from the Kobe earthquake that demolished the entire social infrastructure in the region, Taeyang Industrial Co. took advantage of the earthquake-torn nation's high demand for portable butane gas cartridges by swiftly exporting its SUN portable butane gas cartridges to Japan. Since then, Taeyang Industrial Co. has succeeded in living up to Japan's stringent safety standards and in projecting its SUN portable butane gas cartridge as a safe, high-quality product.

Taeyang Industrial Co. has recently expanded into new geographies, such as Russia, Southeast Asian nations, the Middle East and Europe, diversifying its target overseas markets away from Japan and the U.S.

What's more, Taeyang Industrial Co. has so much to smile about because not only was it chosen as one of the Korean companies producing the world's best products, but it was named as a family-friendly company by the Ministry of Health and Welfare.

Hyun Chang-soo, CEO of Taeyang Industrial Co said, "Our company has been racking up higher profits than ever before thank to our efforts to diversify our export markets. In particular, as our target markets, which used to be confined to Japan, Korea and a few other nations, have steadily grown in numbers. I am confident that our company will continue to see improvements in sales and balance sheets if we, as the world's No. 1 market leader, keep upgrading our product quality and marketing strategies."

Prospects for Taeyang Industrial Co. are likely to remain dazzling as the Korean portable butane gas cartridge manufacturer strives to come up with the world's top-notch products and encourages its employees to strike a balance between work and family.

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