Death toll from CO2 leakage at Samsung Electronics rises to 2
Death toll from CO2 leakage at Samsung Electronics rises to 2
  • Dan Yoo
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One of them is unconscious amid suspicion that Samsung tried to hide the accident



The number of deaths from carbon dioxide leakage at Samsung Electronics' Giheung workplace increased to two. Among the two workers at a partner company who lost consciousness at the time of the accident, Kim died, bringing the death toll to two.
Another person who was taken to the hospital with Kim is reportedly still unconscious and undergoing treatment.

Meanwhile, some are raising concerns that Samsung may have attempted to reduce or cover up the accident. 
A carbon dioxide leakage was detected at Samsung Electronics' Giheung business site around 2 p.m. on Sept. 4. 

The Samsung's fire brigade was dispatched and three workers who lost consciousness because of suffocation were taken to the hospital. However, Samsung Electronics reported the accident to relevant authorities, including the fire department, only after one person died.

JTBC raised a suspicion that Samsung covered up the damage and prevented 119 participation in the accident.
Immediately after the accident, an official of the 119 situation room called a staff of Samsung Giheung`s office and asked, "Is there any need the fire department's mobilization regarding the carbon dioxide leakage accident?" 

However, the Samsung official said, "The situation ended. There is no need to move." About 20 minutes later, he contacted the Giheung office again and asked about the details of the accident. The Samsung side said, " Two out of the three people are now in hospital."

According to the police, however, not only the dead but also the two injured were unconscious after the accident, and one of them died this morning. JTBC reported that there are suspicions that the damage was not fully understood or covered up.
"We are trying to find out the reason with the recordings," Samsung Electronics explained.

Meanwhile, the committee on countermeasures for the accident was launched. The task force, composed of 20 civic and social groups, demanded a thorough investigation and punishment of those responsible for the accident.

The committee requested the Ministry of Employment and Labor to inspect all safety facilities, including aging facilities and fire extinguishers subject to process safety management (PSM).

In addition, it has demanded the results of an "inspection of special labor supervision and comprehensive safety diagnosis" and the "safety and health improvement plan" ordered by the Ministry of Employment and Labor following the death of carbon dioxide leakage at Samsung in 2013.

Rep. Chung Ki-yong of the Green Party said, "Our requirement is a clause that Kwon Oh-hyun, vice president of Samsung Electronics, promised to prevent recurrence of the leakage in 2013, but we cannot confirm whether it is being followed."

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