Samsung Announces Keynote Speakers for Samsung Developer Conference 2018
Samsung Announces Keynote Speakers for Samsung Developer Conference 2018
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Keynote speakers at the annual developer conference in San Francisco will introduce new technologies built for the future


Samsung Electronics has unveiled the initial roster of keynote speakers for Samsung Developer Conference 2018 (SDC18), where thousands of the world’s most prominent developers and creators will come together to explore today’s technology and work towards building the software and services of tomorrow.

DJ Koh, President and CEO of IT & Mobile Communications Division, Samsung Electronics, will open SDC18 by discussing Samsung’s vision for the future of technology, and how the company is continually innovating to deliver the best customer experience. “At Samsung, we remain committed to enriching our open hardware, software and services ecosystems, empowering partners and developers to create new, intelligent and unimagined experiences for consumers,” said DJ Koh. “As a part of this commitment, we are excited to announce at SDC18 new developments and tools across AI and IoT that will usher in the next generation of connectivity.”

Among the full lineup of speakers, SDC18 will feature special keynotes from Samsung executives at the forefront of software and services innovation:

Eui-Suk Chung is EVP and Head of Software and AI, Mobile Communications Business at Samsung. A passionate technologist, Eui-Suk will talk about how the company’s ecosystem enables developers to create seamless experiences for consumers. He will also reveal how new tools and capabilities will help developers bring their creative ideas to life and scale them across billions of devices.

Dag Kittlaus, CEO of Viv Labs, will be joined on stage by the company’s CTO, Adam Cheyer. Together, they will outline Samsung’s delivery on its strategy to make Bixby more ubiquitous, personal, natural and open. They will share how Bixby has grown to become a next-generation, intelligent assistant platform, built for developers from the ground up. Lastly, they will unveil new Bixby tools that give developers the ability to infuse intelligence across a full spectrum of Samsung devices.

Jaeyeon Jung is VP and Head of Service Security Technologies Group at Samsung, where she oversees the IoT cloud, identity service, and other security-critical services. During the keynote, Jaeyeon will discuss SmartThings’ progress since the ecosystem integration was announced in 2017, including how it has become more secure, scalable and accessible – revealing how it will continue to expand in 2019.

SDC18 will be jam-packed with learning, inspiration and special activities with Samsung experts, partners and thought leaders at the cutting edge of the world’s most innovative technologies and industries, from AI and IoT to health, AR/VR and security solutions. More enthusiastic spokespeople and industry leaders to join in SDC18 will be shared in coming weeks.

Stay tuned for more exciting speaker announcements in the coming weeks. For more information about Samsung Developer Conference 2018, please visit Further information can also be found on Twitter (@samsung_dev) and using the hashtag #SDC18.

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