SKT’s new AI technology allows viewers to see selected scenes in drama, movie
SKT’s new AI technology allows viewers to see selected scenes in drama, movie
  • Lee Jun-sung
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SK Telecom said that it will complete the development of “Artificial Intelligence (AI) media recommendation technology” that allows one to find what one wants in dramas and movies and start commercializing it by the end of this year.

There are two major technologies that SK Telecom recommends for AI media. One is the scene search technology based on video analysis and the other is the contents personalization recommendation technology based on the analysis of customers’ taste. 

Through the scene discovery technology, AI allows viewers to show only the scenes that they wanted and selected from certain media contents such as movies and dramas. Viewers can collect only the scenes of their favorite actors, or select scenes of various situations such as kissing, dancing, and dining scenes. 

For example, if a viewer wants to see a main characters’ kissing scene in the movie "La La Land," AI recognizes a female lead character "Emma Stone" and a male lead character "Lion Gosling" and extracts scenes where the two characters appear simultaneously. AI selects one of the extracted scenes, which is considered to be a 'kissing situation', and recommends it to viewers. 


SK Telecom explained that it has developed this technology in consideration of the media consumption trend, which short cuts content in the mobile environment and the tastes of consumers who are growing in the segment. 

It said its video analysis technology is the most advanced technology not only in Korea but also in the world. SK Telecom Media Technology Institute, AI Technology Unit, and SK Broadband have developed this technology together. 

SK Telecom demonstrated a variety of scene discovery technologies such as "kissing scene search" in the movie. SK Telecom and SK Broadband are planning to apply these technologies sequentially to “B tv and Oksusu” within this year. 

In addition, SK Telecom plans to further enhance its technology by developing emotional awareness and dialogue recognition technologies based on human expressions.

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