UBLOCKS Introduces Toolset Composed U-track Software
UBLOCKS Introduces Toolset Composed U-track Software
  • Lee Jun-sung
  • 승인 2018.10.10 12:23
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UBLOCKS, which specializes in wireless communication and location tracking module chips, introduced a toolset composed of u-track software and application boards on October 10. 

This is a platform that enables rapid prototype development, enabling product designers to test or optimize the location accuracy and power consumption of wireless location tracking applications. It is also designed for developers who product battery-powered applications.

"This technology helps developers optimize battery life according to their applications," said Florian Bousquet the senior manager of the Product Center at UBLOCK. 

"Developers can start testing products with various settings within 15 minutes for accuracy and power consumption levels," he said.

U-Track includes PC software applications. The user-friendly dashboard records various key data such as power consumption, accuracy, and time taken to calculate the location (Time-To-Fix; TTFF) after the GNSS receiver is switched on.

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