Deficit Equals Videogame
Deficit Equals Videogame
  • Ryan Schuster
  • 승인 2010.05.07 16:35
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In a special report, analysts stated, "Under Obama's budget plan, the U.S. debt in 2020 could be nearly the size of the entire economy. And on top of that interest costs would be US$900 billion, five times level of today." Thus, one solution in order to fight against a recession is to increase government spending while decreasing taxes. This stimulates the economy, but leads to budget deficits. Since the only capable answer, to avoid large and unsustainable budget deficits is to raise tax.

Therefore, in a daring move, the Fiscal Commission co-chair Erskine Bowles asked Microsoft to take a wild stab at the largely untapped "boring" genre of video games, and create a game that would allow users to attempt to balance the budget. Budget deficits lead to a video game. At least, it looks like U.S.'s current budget deficit is leading to a video game. The Democratic Senator Bob Kerry was quoted as stating that the game could "go viral".

Thereby, the White House is hoping Microsoft can develop a videogame that shows the public the complex choices that is involved in managing the deficit. The current debt in the U.S. is roughly US$13 trillion and the game will depict the necessary difficulties of lowering the debt. This game may sound familiar. Remember the game Oregon Trail, which the game changes based on the decisions the player makes. This is what the new game is going to be, but minus the fun factor. Also, the U.S. Military made a game in order to attract and act as a PR tool for new recruits that may otherwise have little interest with the military. The game was met mixed reviews.

All in all the new game sounds like it might be a web-based game because anyone who owns a computer will be able to play it. Each player will be given the daunting task to try and balance the federal budget. Obviously this game won't be a true realistic simulation and if it was; who would really want to play it. Nonetheless, it does give the public a sense or a taste of the difficulty that comes with the task.

Thus, what is the best way to show the youth of today, what not to do Create a video game. So that individuals do not make the same choices twice because players will have the chance to dabble into the high octane of raw numbers and decide how they would fix the current fiscal problem.

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