Samsung Electronics' 'Galaxy Watch' hit with trademark lawsuit
Samsung Electronics' 'Galaxy Watch' hit with trademark lawsuit
  • Dan Yoo
  • 승인 2018.10.25 11:03
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Samsung Electronics' latest smartwatch "Galaxy Watch," which was released in August, has been embroiled in controversy over trademark infringement. According to industry sources on Oct. 24, Orient, a watch maker, has filed an application for the suspension of sales of Samsung Electronics' Galaxy Watch to the Seoul Central District Court for violating the unfair competition prevention law and the trademark law. 

Samsung Electronics had been using the 'Gear' brand for its Smart Watch since 2013, but the new product launched in August started using the brand 'Galaxy Watch' to unify its brand with smartphone. Samsung Electronics' Galaxy Watches are listed as the 9th class (electronic devices) and the Orient Galaxy watches are registered as the 14th class (precious metal).

An Orient official said, "We have registered Galaxy and Galaxy Gold trademarks since 1984.  Samsung Electronics' advertisement of Galaxy Watch as a watch is a violation of the unfair competition prevention law and the trademark law."

He added, "As Samsung Electronics breaks down the boundaries of Smart Watch and the existing wristwatch and sells its products, it is practically difficult for Orient Watch to develop and release Smart Watch that utilizes its brand Galaxy."

Related to this, Samsung Electronics said that it has not received any information regarding the lawsuit yet, and plans to announce its position after it is revealed.

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