A Korean branch manager of Morgan Stanley PE placed under suspicion of pulling power trip on his driver
A Korean branch manager of Morgan Stanley PE placed under suspicion of pulling power trip on his driver
  • Jung Se-jin
  • 승인 2018.11.07 11:04
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A Korean branch manager of Morgan Stanley Private Equity (PE) was placed under suspicion that he made rough talks and cursed his chauffeur.

The JTBC Newsroom released a recording file on No. 5, in which Kim said that he worked as a driver for the head of the C branch from January to September.

The audio and video file being made public contains circumstances that a person who is believed to be the C branch head put pressure on the driver, hurling abuses at his driver.

According to the JTBC report, when Kim asked the head about an exact destination, the chief said, "You idiot. Why can't you understand me like this? You! I told you it was XXX hospital. Are you kidding me?" The driver told the media that he was treating as people less than a human being and that such a routine work continued.

The boss took Kim's cell phone and swore at Kim on the reason that Kim told the head's wife about his location. In addition, the boss urged the driver to violate traffic regulations frequently, by ordering him to take the bus-only lanes.

After leaving the company, Kim filed a complaint against the C branch head with the police and filed a petition with the Ministry of Employment and Labor.

In response, the head said, "I cannot contact the media personally according to the company's regulations, but Kim's claims are different from the facts. I will reveal my position concretely through the company."

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