Do you know about the Polar Express?
Do you know about the Polar Express?
  • Kim Sun Moo/Columnist
  • 승인 2018.11.07 11:58
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Kim Sun Moo/Columnist

Looking up in the sky,
Isn't the sky beautiful?
 Are the clouds crying?
 No, they are smiling.

 Is it raining?
 Is it hard to look up in the sky?
 It may be hard, but
 soon the rain will stop

 Is it hard to move others with too much hatred in your heart?
 Are you afraid of failure?

 Throw away your hatred and into your cup.
 Fill your empty glass with the love and care of your loved ones.

 praise others for their action
 stop opposing for opposition

 look at the mountains. Can you feel the fresh breeze?
 Now, open up your heart and  hold out your hand.

 The train for hope is on the way.

 Do you know about the polar express?
 The train loading our Christmas gifts.

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