No Nicotine!..Hannmi Pharmaceutical to expand its non-smoking campaign
No Nicotine!..Hannmi Pharmaceutical to expand its non-smoking campaign
  • Kim Min-jee
  • 승인 2018.11.12 13:28
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Hannmi Pharmaceutical is planning to expand its non-smoking campaign that has been held since 2015. 

Hannmi Pharmaceutical announced on November 12 that it will expand and operate its anti-smoking campaign to commemorate the launch of the anti-smoking drug, "Nocotine". 

The Nocotine, which will be released this month, is the only anti-smoking drug licensed as oxalate among the Vareniclines, a special drug developed exclusively by Hannmi Pharmaceutical Technology.

"As a pharmacist, we should contribute to reducing smoking, which is fatal to our health." Hannmi Pharmaceutical Executive Director Lim Jong-ho said. "This campaign is a meaningful program that can keep you healthy. Hannmi Pharmaceutical plans to continue to support the campaign to become a long-term corporate culture."

Hannmi Pharmaceutical has become a pharmaceutical company with two types of antismoking drugs used in the government's anti-smoking treatment program.

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