Com2us holds pre-booking event for 'Soccersprits'
Com2us holds pre-booking event for 'Soccersprits'
  • Jung Se-jin
  • 승인 2018.11.16 11:25
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Com2us, a global mobile game company, said on November 16 that it will hold pre-booking events before it updates its new content for soccer card RPG "Soccersprits", developed by Big Ball.

"Sarkspirits" is a football card that enjoys a dynamic soccer game with a real-time turn. 

The game continues to gain popularity by creating a huge fan base with its game-run approach with its colorful illustrations and fantasy elements. 

In this update, a new legendary player named "Thunder Legend Attcker: Queen" will be added. 

Com2us is planning to introduce new contents such as new PvP contents called "Galaxy Planet League" and new equipment called 'Emblem'.

Meanwhile, Com2us also offers generous benefits to all participants.

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