SHI applies environment-friendly coating to merchant ship for 1st time
SHI applies environment-friendly coating to merchant ship for 1st time
  • Lee Jun-sung
  • 승인 2018.11.22 10:46
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Samsung Heavy Industries (SHI) announced on Nov. 21 that it has applied the "Solvent Free Coating" jointly developed by Norwegian paint manufacturer Jotun to the 7,500㎥-class LNG carrier for the first time in the world.

The solvent free coating is safe from fire and explosion because the solvent component, a type of VOC (Volatile Organic Compound), is close to zero. In addition, it is considered an eco-friendly paint that meets the strict quality standards of ships due to its excellent surface protection.

In addition, it has low viscosity without solvent components and can drastically shorten construction period by implementing proper thickness with just one coating.

As SHI has secured eco-friendly painting technology that overcame the technical limitations of its existing solvent free paints, it has secured a differentiated competitiveness in ship construction.

"Paint work is an area where automated technology is very backward due to the explosion risk of traditional solvent paint. The application of the solvent free coating to merchant ships will give momentum to the development of automated equipment such as painting robots, enhancing painting productivity," said Nam Seong-gil, head of the SHI production technology research center. 

Meanwhile, Yoo Byeong-se, executive director of the Korea Ocean Plant Association, said, "Most of the harmful air pollutants released by the shipyard are volatile organic compounds. As a result, the solvent free paint can be an alternative to reducing air pollution."

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