SECON 2019--The perfect Test-Bed for Security Enterprises to Enter Asian market
SECON 2019--The perfect Test-Bed for Security Enterprises to Enter Asian market
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SECON 2019 will be held from 6-8 March 2019 at KINTEX, Seoul, Korea.
SECON 2019 will be held from 6-8 March 2019 at KINTEX, Seoul, Korea.


Asian integrated security exhibition, SECON 2019 will be held in March next year. SECON 2019, which dedicates to develop security industry and boost global trade for all kinds of security products & solutions, will be held at Hall 3 & 4 in KINTEX, Seoul, Korea with its 22,000+m2 of exhibition area. SECON 2019, in its largest scale ever, will have 500+ exhibitors from 15+ countries and 46,000+ buyers participating from all over the world. 

As the biggest security exhibition in Korea, SECON performs a role of test-bed & trend-setter for global security enterprises to help grow their businesses in Asian market. Furthermore, SECON has been growing for more than 10% per year regarding the size of exhibitors and visitors -- 433 exhibitors from 12 countries and 46,324 visitors from 25 countries participated in SECON 2018. 

SECON 2019 is hosted by 'SECON 2019 Organising Committee', which is made up of 30+ Korean security related associations and organisations, and also supported by governmental ministries and local governments such as Ministry of Science and ICT; Ministry of the Interior and Safety; Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy; Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport; Seoul Metropolitan Government; Daejeon Metropolitan City and Korea Defence Industry Trade Support Centre, etc. In addition, SECON 2019 is organised by UBM BN, which is the joint venture of UBM and Mediadot. In this regard, UBM is global exhibition company organising the biggest global security exhibition series; 'IFSEC' and 'Blackhat'. Mediadot is the best Korean media company having 'Boannews' and 'Securityworld', which are the most renowned security media in Korea. 

Global security enterprises will gather at SECON 2019

At SECON 2019, which aims to be the only Asian integrated security event beyond Korea, 500+ global exhibitors from 15+ countries will display their state-of-the-art security products and solutions related to video surveillance, access control, IT security, IoT, social safety, homeland security and industry security, etc.  

Global leading security enterprises, such as HIKVISION, DAHUA, UNIVIEW and ZKTeco have already confirmed their presence at SECON 2019. In addition, renowned Korean security companies such as Samsung S1, Hanwha Techwin and ADT CAPS will also participate in the exhibition. 

The most popular technologies of current global security industry -- Smart City, AI, Home Network Solutions, and more -- will be covered by SECON 2019

Smart City and Home Network Solutions, the most concerned technologies of global security industry these days, will be discussed at SECON 2019. In this regard, SECON 2019 will focus on Smart city security technology & Anti-hacking solution, IoT security solution, Smart control solution based on deep-learning and AI technologies. Furthermore, as current trend of security industry is moving to home IoT field containing integrated IoT platform which involves a combination of Home Network and AI, SECON 2019 will display a variety of Home Network solution to keep up with this trend. Access control system, digital door lock products applying biometric technology and home network solution connected with lock and door camera will be shown at SECON 2019 as well. Local / Inte
rnational Buyer Invitation ProgrammeAs SECON is a professional B2B security exhibition, SECON 2019 will operate local/ International buyer invitation programme in order to help exhibitors meet qualified and appropriate buyers during the exhibition. If an applicant is a prospective customer who has purchasing authority in security market, he/she can apply for this buyer programme. SECON 2019 secretariat will select proper buyers according to the criteria. Selected international buyers will be exclusively provided with special benefits and matchmaking programme, etc. Buyers who are interested in this programme can apply via SECON 2019 official website (

Ms. Soyoung Choi, CEO of UBM BN Co., Ltd. said, "SECON 2019 is the ideal one-stop marketplace to learn about the latest security products & solutions from Korea and other Asian countries. We hope to have as many applicants as possible to apply for SECON 2019 buyer programme." 

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