KT-TS Builds K-City, Korea's First 5G Self-driving Test City
KT-TS Builds K-City, Korea's First 5G Self-driving Test City
  • Dan Yoo
  • 승인 2018.12.11 12:40
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KT demonstrates its process of coping with emergencies of self-driving cars through "5G Remote Cockpit".

KT jointly established "K-City", the first self-driving city based on 5G network, and introduced "5G Remote Cockpit", the self-driving remote control system.

K-City is a testbed for verification of 5G self-driving technology that was established in Hwasung City with level 3 of self-driving technology.

KT and TS have built five evaluation environments within K-City such as highways, urban, community, suburban roads, and self-parking facilities along with 35 kinds of transportation facilities including tollgates and crosswalks.

Based on 5G network that was commercialized on the 1st, KT completely implemented 5G self-driving wired and wireless telecommunication environment and self-driving remote control system within K-City.

KT successfully implemented 5G-V2X and Cooperative-Intelligent Transport System of KT through demonstration. 

In addition, it succeeded in transferring vehicle information more quickly, accurately and reliably through KT's Quality of Service Assurance and Security (GiGAstress) technology.

Especially, V2I (Vehicle to Mobile) service that controls situations on roads in real time by linking high-definition camera service with 5G drew attention. 

"K-City will play an important role in improving self-driving technology as it is a key infrastructure that will lead development of South Korea's self-driving industry." said President Lee Dong-myeon of KT's Future Platform Business Department.

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