The Fingerprint Opens the Car Doors and Starts a Car
The Fingerprint Opens the Car Doors and Starts a Car
  • Dan Yoo
  • 승인 2018.12.17 11:38
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Hyundai Automotive Research Institute is demonstrating 'Smart Fingerprint Authentication Access and Start System'.

Hyundai Motor Company announced on December 17 that it has developed 'Smart Fingerprint Authentication Access and Start System' that can open doors and start a car.

Hyundai Motor plans to apply the system to its new Santa Fe, which will be released in China in the first quarter of 2019, and will consider applying it to the global market in the future. 

Hyundai Motor plans to introduce customized technologies that are optimized for each driver's profile in the future and respond to future trends in earnest.

These technologies can help efficient operation of future shared self-driving cars that are used by multiple people together.

Smart fingerprint authentication system can open doors and start ignition without a car key if fingerprint that is biometric information is registered with a vehicle in advance.

When you touch a sensor on a door handle, encrypted fingerprint information is sent to a fingerprint recognition controller inside the vehicle and the vehicle opens. 

In addition, it can conveniently start a car by touching a start button that has a fingerprint recognition sensor embedded in the back of the vehicle.

The probability that another person's fingerprint is misinterpreted as a registered driver's fingerprint is only about 1/50,000. This is five times more secure than normal car keys such as SmartKeys. 

"Hyundai Motor will have an environment where its products are optimized for individual drivers and easy operation of its cars," said a Hyundai official. "We will continue to work hard to provide customers with a technology called proactive response before operating a driver."

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