5G Solution Brings Korean Manufacturing to a New Rise
5G Solution Brings Korean Manufacturing to a New Rise
  • Dan Yoo
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Jang Hong-seong, head of SK Telecom's IoT/Data business unit, is receiving a microphone from 5G small self-driving robot.

SK Telecom announced its plan to expand its 5G Smart Factory at 'Smart Manufacturing Innovation Center' located in Ansan, Gyeonggi Province on the 20th of December. 

Its strategies are 5 kinds of solutions that are applied with 5G and ICT such as 5G multi-function collaborative robot, 5G Smart Flexible Production Facility (Smart Base Block), 5G Small Self-driving Robot (AMR), AR Smart Glass, and 5G-AI Machine Vision.

"Smart Manufacturing Innovation Center" is an organization that carries out research and development and testing of Smart Manufacturing in order to improve competitiveness of domestic manufacturing industries. 

SK Telecom said, "Korean manufacturers are suffering from increased prices of manufacturing equipment, increased data throughput, and cut off the number of skilled workers."

SK Telecom has decided to provide all-in-one packages so that many manufacturing facilities can easily be converted into smart plants. 

All-in-one packages can reduce unit cost of building Smart Factory, manage data efficiently, and accumulate on-site know-how into databases.

SKT models are watching how small IoT devices are made through 5G flexible production facilities.

Five types of solutions that were introduced on the day focused on increasing overall productivity through cooperation with people. 

5G multi-function collaborative robot is a cart-type robot that has 3D sensing function. 

This robot loads its own products in interior space and moves to self-driving technology. Robots are mainly used to transport products to separate spaces at the request of workers.

Smart Flexible Production Facility (Smart Base Block) is a solution that can make production lines as if they are blocks. 
A single production line is made up of modules that are responsible for production, inspection, and packaging.

5G small self-driving robot (AMR) is a small robot that is designed to cooperate with people. The four wheels on the bottom of the wheel move skillfully in a small space. Avoid obstacles by self-driving.

AR Smart Glass is a service that allows real-time check of facilities, component information, and assembly manuals through AR eyeglasses that are used by employees. 

5G-AI Machine Vision takes 24 pictures from various angles and sends them to Cloud Server through 5G while car parts pass through conveyor belts. A high-performance AI on a server reads pictures instantly and checks if a product is defective. 

This shows 5G Smart Flexible Production Facility that can make production lines as if they are blocks.

"We are going to work with other ICT companies and plant automation businesses by commercializing 5G and lead in establishing new 5G factory ecosystem." said Jang Hong-seong, head of SK Telecom's IoT/Data business unit.

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