KCC Creates Policy For The Future of The Internet
KCC Creates Policy For The Future of The Internet
  • Daniel Ko
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The Korea Communications Commission is creating a new policy related to the future of the internet. The policy is aimed to concentrate and promote the future of the internet. At the first policy related meeting on May 19, the propelling strategy for the internet was discussed in hopes to create a strong internet plan for the future.

The future of the internet is communication, broadcasting, computing, sensors, and fusion. It must be fused anytime and anywhere. The KCC wants to provide optimum service that is reliable and efficient. Currently, they provide services for the current internet, but they also want to provide a new fused service with more diverse technology and a stronger service model.

The advancement of the internet started in 2005, with many countries individually working to improve the internet. One specific model received investments of about KRW 10 billion, with most of the investments spent towards the country's academic and R&D centers. The Korean Communications Commission announced these policies and is striving to become the world's best standard for IT infrastructure and a foundation of the future's network societies. They are preparing for global market leadership and to become influential.

The KCC created a 10 year guide and assessed the future of the internet. This internet propelling strategy was announced on May 7th and was named the "10 Future Service Strategy."

This strategy suggests 5 main service points for the future of the internet, which are realistic service, smart service, seamless service, green and trustworthy service.

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