Prosecution indicts GS Caltex for leaking oil at Masan Port
Prosecution indicts GS Caltex for leaking oil at Masan Port
  • Jung Se-jin
  • 승인 2018.12.27 12:06
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A stream near Masan Port under oil control

The prosecution handed over GS Caltex employees to the court for trial owing to the oil spill at Masan Port. 

The Changwon District Prosecutors' Office said it indicted three employees, including a head of the company's Changwon Logistics Center, without detention on charges of violating the Marine Environment Management Act and the Water Environment Conservation Act. GS Caltex Corporation was also brought to trial in accordance with the joint penal provision. 

They were accused of leaving the large amount of oil that leaked in the process of moving oil from the 5900-ton tanker S to the GS Caltex land storage tank, which was anchored at the Changwon Logistics Center in Changwon City on July 12, until it flowed into rivers and seas.

On the day of the accident, it was reported that the staff had not carefully checked the oil storage tank for repair.

A part of the ceiling of the GS Caltex storage tank, which exceeded the limit, was torn and oil  leaked through the cracks.

The total amount of oil leaked was 295 tons of diesel, and 233 tons of the oil was found to have flowed into nearby rivers and seas.

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