Hashgard test network develops based on the COSMOS framework public chain focused public chain on digital finance
Hashgard test network develops based on the COSMOS framework public chain focused public chain on digital finance
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[NEW YORK] Hashgard Digital Financial Public Chain TestNet officially launched on December 28th 2018. Hashgard, a well-known blockchain project, announced that its next-generation digital financial public chain test network is officially launched. The Hashgard test network will be developed based on the COSMOS framework and will create a high-quality public chain focused on digital finance. 

Hashgard is a new generation of digital financial public chain invested by Fenbushi Capital, BKFUND and more than 80 institutional investors, including Frees Fund, JRR Crypto, 8 Decimal Capital, Gobi Partners, and Vechain Foundation. 

In 2018, during the crypto winter, the Hashgard emerged from the bear market and focused on technology, was highly regarded by many experts in the blockchain industry. Currently, Hashgard community has more than 200,000 members from more than 160 countries around the world.

Hashgard TestNet is named SIF (Sif), who is the goddess of land and harvest in the Nordic mythology. 

Hashgard team hopes that their new generation of digital financial public chain can provide the infrastructure for decentralized digital financial field and be utilized by many professionals in fund management, trust, insurance, custody and asset management. 

On this basis, the TestNet will be launched with some basic functions, including the public chain browser, web wallet, and token transfers, block producing and equity mortgage, etc.

According to the Hashgard team, the first TestNet sif-1000 was started at 16:00 on December 27th. BKFUND, IRISNetwork, CoinMex and MexDM participated in the launch of TestNet as the initial validators.

Currently, Hashgard TestNet can process up to 3000 TPS, achieving high-speed operation of the public chain, which can meet the basic needs of large-scale operation. In the future, Hashgard team will continue to add modules and features based on the TestNet SIF 1.0, such as cross-chain transfer.

Features of Hashgard TestNet:

▶ Use the Bech32 coding format to distinguish between the normal address, the validator address, the consensus address, and the corresponding public key.
▶ Use tendermint as a consensus engine to provide stable and efficient transaction processing capabilities.
▶ The user can obtain test tokens from faucet, run the validator node or participate as a delegator in the consensus.
▶ Initiate a proposal by staking GARD, and validators could vote on the proposal to achieve governance on-chain.
▶ Provides LCD service to facilitate data exchange on-chain.
▶TestNet blockchain browser launched.

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