Hyundai Motor Group Develops Technology for Deaf Drivers
Hyundai Motor Group Develops Technology for Deaf Drivers
  • Lee Jun-sung
  • 승인 2019.01.07 11:44
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Through 'ATC (Audio-Tactile Conversion)' developed by Hyundai Motor Group, sound information generated during driving is converted into visual and tactile information and is displayed on the steering wheel and windscreen.

Hyundai Motor Group released a video of "Silent Taxi," a new technology-applied project car that allows hearing-impaired drivers to drive safely. 

"Silent Taxi" was built based on ATC (Audio-Tactile Conversion) technology that won the grand prize at Hyundai Motor Group's R&D Idea Festival in 2017. 

Cars that appear in this campaign video are applied with conversion technology that converts all sound information inside and outside of cars into visual and tactile information for hearing-impaired drivers.

The purpose of the campaign is to create a smooth driving environment for hearing impaired drivers.

ATC technology, which is utilized for "Silent taxi", visualizes various hearing information that the driver must know while driving and exposes it to the Head Up Display (HUD). 

In addition, ATC technology can transmit information to the driver by emitting vibration and light to the steering wheel in multiple stages.

The technology distinguishes the sound of cars' horns, such as police cars, fire trucks, and ambulances, and displays the images along with information about directions that approach the HUD. 

"Silent Taxi" is a documentary film, which can be viewed through HMG TV( and Hyundai Motor Group YouTube( 

"We are holding 'R&D Idea Festival' every year in order to encourage researchers to be creative and create an atmosphere of active technology development," a Hyundai Automotive Group official said. "Based on various ideas, we are going to carry out various activities that will allow us to communicate with our customers as partners in our lives." 

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