PINTEC Partners with Best Wonder to Enable Digital Lending Services for Small and Micro-sized Enterprises
PINTEC Partners with Best Wonder to Enable Digital Lending Services for Small and Micro-sized Enterprises
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BEIJING, Jan. 14, 2019 -- Pintec Technology Holdings Ltd. ("PINTEC"; NASDAQ: PT), a leading independent technology platform enabling financial services in China, today announced a strategic partnership with Best Wonder Co., Ltd. ("Best Wonder"), a leading SaaS platform for business E-tax and digital invoice services, to develop digital lending solutions to support small and micro-sized enterprises.

The partnership will leverage business E-tax and related invoice data to develop digital lending solutions that draw from PINTEC's credit assessment technologies based on artificial intelligence and big data, and Best Wonder's experience in taxation services. This solution will enable commercial banks, non-banking financial companies, and supply chain financial institutions, to provide credit services to small and micro-sized enterprises with digital decision engine and strengthened risk management through the whole process of lending services.

"The key challenge of lending services for small and micro-sized enterprises lies in effective and efficient risk management," said William Wei, founder and CEO of PINTEC. "The partnership will combine our advantages in risk management technologies with Best Wonder's massive amounts of E-tax and digital invoice data to develop an efficient digital lending solution to effectively support the growth of small and micro-sized enterprises. This solution will provide financial institutions with data-driven decision engine, a digital early warning system, risk assessment modeling, and other value-added services."

In recent years, the Chinese government has been urging financial institutions to step up efforts to improve lending processes, optimizing credit structure and increasing service efficiency with innovative technologies, including the internet, big data and artificial intelligence, in a bid to provide better and more efficient financial services to small and micro-sized enterprises.

Based on advanced AI and big data technologies, PINTEC has developed digital lending solutions for small and micro-sized enterprises in various ecosystem, such as payment ecosystem, e-commerce platform, and taxation ecosystem, accumulating rich experience in evaluating these enterprises and business owners. With a complete and flexible "SaaS+" service system, PINTEC can not only help financial institutions develop digital retail banking systems, but also provide value-added services including customer acquisition, online product, credit assessment engine, modeling tools and early warning system.

"Digitalization of invoices is an irreversible trend in China," said Chen Jie, CEO of Best Wonder. "The partnership with PINTEC will leverage our enormous E-tax and invoice data to empower financial institutions to better serve small and micro-sized enterprises in China."

The credit assessment services jointly developed by PINTEC and Best Wonder aim to address risk management issues throughout the entire credit lifecycle for financial institutions.

"PINTEC also leveraged its experience and technology in individual financing to assess business owners to improve the accuracy and completeness of credit assessment for small and micro-sized enterprises," said Jessie Song, general manager of PINTEC's small and micro-sized enterprise business. "In addition, the new solution is a 'plug-and-play' standardized product, so application costs are minimal for technology system upgrades."

Best Wonder is a leading SaaS service platform for invoice and taxation, and it operates the largest digital invoice cloud platform in China. Devoted to invoice digitalization, Best Wonder helps its customers improve tax-related productivity and optimize collaborative business networking. It has issued more than 600 million electronic invoices for its clients.

"Invoice financing is a common way for credit services worldwide," said Yang Zhengdao, chief strategy officer of Best Wonder. "In China, invoices are closely related to payments, settlements, contracts and taxation. They are essentially the transaction behaviors. The massive invoices and related real business transactions are valuable data for financial institutions to support credit evaluation."

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PINTEC is a leading independent technology platform enabling financial services in China. With its mission to "Power the Future of Finance", PINTEC aims to advance financial services by providing customizable and modular fintech solutions to its financial and business partners. In fields such as online travel, e-commerce, telecommunications, online education, SaaS Platforms, financial technology, internet search, and online classifieds and listings, PINTEC enables financial services for institutional partners with point-of-sale financing solutions, personal installment loan solutions, business installment loan solutions, wealth management solutions and insurance solutions. PINTEC's services include series of steps: consulting services, SaaS technology services and other value-added services. PINTEC has cooperated with a number of business partners and financial partners, including without limitation Xiaomi, Qunar, Ctrip, China Telecom BestPay,,, Minsheng Securities, Orient Securities, Yunnan Trust, Guoyuan Securities, China National Investment & Guaranty Corporation, Fullerton Financial Holdings. PINTEC has launched two joint ventures to serve the Southeast Asian market: (S) Pte. Ltd, formed in 2018 to offer credit assessment services and solutions, while PIVOT Fintech Pte. Ltd ("PIVOT"), formed in 2017 to provide robo-advisory services. On October 25, 2018, PINTEC was officially listed on the Nasdaq Global Market with American depositary shares trading under the symbol "PT".

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About Best Wonder

As the only unicorn in the tax-related field certified by MOST, Best Wonder Co., Ltd, has established the No.1 SaaS service platform of invoice cloud technologyin China, providing large and medium-sized enterprises as well assmall and micro- enterprises with invoice digital lifecycle management products and services, including input and output SaaS cloud services, fiscal and tax supply chain cloud services, transaction big data services. Best Wonder provides intelligent taxation products and services to more than 1,000 large groups and over 300,000 small and micro-sized enterprises. Companies served by Best Wonder include PetroChina, China Grain Reserves Group, China COSCO SHIPPING Corporation, Haier Group, Wanda Group, and Alibaba, covering 26 segments of15 major industries, benefiting 300 million consumer-end individuals.

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