Sogou CEO Xiaochuan gives keynote "Innovation and Cooperation in an Era of Great Change"
Sogou CEO Xiaochuan gives keynote "Innovation and Cooperation in an Era of Great Change"
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Sogou CEO Xiaochuan Wang delivered keynote speech at 2019 Las Vegas "China Night"
Sogou CEO Xiaochuan Wang delivered keynote speech at 2019 Las Vegas "China Night"


[LAS VEGAS] Shares insights on Technological Progress and the Evolution of Civilization, predicts Sogou's Vocational Avatar can be a future trends. China's internet industry,  Sogou announced on January 15,  its CEO Xiaochuan Wang delivered the keynote speech at the 2019 Las Vegas "China Night," an annual event that brings together leading consumer electronics businesses ahead of CES.

Las Vegas "China Night" is jointly hosted by the Consulate General of the P.R. China in San Francisco and the Organizing Committee of China Information Technology Expo (CITE). Under the theme of "Innovation and Cooperation in an Era of Great Change," this year's event brought together over 300 leading Chinese and American entrepreneurs with the aim of sharing learnings and facilitating collaboration.

During his keynote speech entitled, "Technological Progress and the Evolution of Civilization," Mr. Wang noted that the rapid development of the internet and AI have accelerated the evolution of human civilization into a new era of "Intelligent Civilization." In this new era, technology empowers and enables humans to communicate more freely across languages, cultures and locations, and benefit from the immediacy of information. Mr. Wang noted that language barriers still exist, particularly for many in China, despite Chinese being the most widely spoken language in the world. Cross-language communication is therefore increasingly important, becoming a crucial link in connecting China with the world. For Wang, AI-powered machine translation will be the "ultimate breakthrough" that leads humankind into the "Intelligent Civilization." 

While the information civilization has gradually evolved into the intelligent civilization, Mr. Wang predicted that Sogou's Vocational Avatars that can enable more natural interactions between humans and machines could greatly improve human efficiency and become a future technology trend. Sogou's Vocational Avatars provide users with information via a more seamless and lifelike human-to-machine interaction. Sogou and Xinhua co-developed the world's first AI news anchor which is now in daily use. Sogou's Vocational Avatars also provide personalized medical and legal advice for users and will be widely used in customer service functions. 

As a leader in language-centric AI technologies, Sogou's human-to-machine translation technologies have ranked first in many internationally renowned competitions, including WMT 2017 and IWSLT 2018, and their application is widespread.

Sogou's AI-powered machine simultaneous translation technology was successfully used to provide bilingual Chinese and English interpretation during Mr. Wang's keynote speech and panel discussions at Las Vegas "China Night." This marks yet another international event outside of China to leverage Sogou's world-leading technology. Sogou's human-to-machine translation technologies are expected to support more international conferences, acting as a bridge between different languages and cultures, and thus fulfilling Sogou's mission to make it easy to communicate and get information.

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