Nissan Korea faces fine of 900 million won for manipulating fuel efficiency
Nissan Korea faces fine of 900 million won for manipulating fuel efficiency
  • Lee Jun-sung
  • 승인 2019.01.17 10:57
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The Fair Trade Commission (FTC) imposed a fine of 900 million won and indicted Nissan Korea with the prosecution for manipulating fuel efficiency of mid-sized sedans and emissions of its sport utility vehicles (SUVs) sold in Korea. 

The FTC imposed a penalty of 686 million won on Nissan Korea on Feb. 16, saying that it exaggerated and faked fuel efficiency of its mid-size diesel sedan "Infinity Q50 2.2d" by manipulating test report data. 

Although the actual fuel efficiency is 14.6 km per liter, the company made it look as if it is 15.1 km per liter by manipulating data from its test report.

The FTC also imposed a fine of 214 million won on Nissan Korea for manipulating the results of its emissions test of its mid-size SUV "Cashkai," and for making false advertisements as if they met the Euro-6 emission standards. 

Nissan Korea has manipulated the amount of nitrogen oxides by making an emission gas-recycling device that reduces the emission of nitrogen oxides work during a test run and does not operate in actual driving.

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