"It is unfair," says Ford car owner who broke the Explorer worth 50 million won
"It is unfair," says Ford car owner who broke the Explorer worth 50 million won
  • Lee Jun-sung
  • 승인 2019.01.21 13:29
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"It's unfair. They deceived me by selling a used car as a new car," Chang Dong-min, 52, the owner of the 2017 Ford Explorer car said, showing his sorry feeling by pouring soju into every corner of his car at 2 p.m. on Jan. 20 in front of a Ford exhibition hall in Jeonju, North Jeolla Province

Chang, who gulped down the remaining soju in the bottle, picked up a baseball bat in the trunk of the car and began to break the car. Starting with the driver's window, bonnet and headlights were all crushed.

This is the story of Chang, who broke a car worth more than 50 million won with a bat.

According to the Yonhap News, Chang bought a Ford Explorer car at an exhibition hall in Jeonju, in May 2017 and stopped by a nearby garage when water leaked from the trunk in April of the following year.
Chang, who thought it was a simple matter, was told by a workshop official that the car seems to have been repaired.

"It is a new car," Chang said. "I didn't change the parts once," he said, but the roof of the vehicle was covered with white paint, and the trunk had a masking tape that had not been removed after being painted.

On top of this, Chang claimed that the gap between the two sides of the trunk door was obvious at a glance, and that he had no choice but to doubt that it is a repaired vehicle, and he requested an evaluation of the vehicle to a technology corporation with a national technology qualification.

After assessing the inspection conditions of a vehicle, the technical corporation concluded that a paint repair was carried out on the inner upper part of the rear door. Based on the appraisal results, Chang accused Ford with the police for fraud.

However, the prosecution dismissed the case, saying, "If we look at the history of the car submitted by Ford's headquarters, we cannot find anything that could be considered a repair vehicle."

Chang's lawyer applied for a ruling, but after a long legal battle, the Supreme Court rejected the request, saying, "There is not enough data to admit that the non-indictment is unfair."
Meanwhile, a Ford Korea official said, "The car we sold to Chang is a new car with no history of repair or defects on paper. We also submitted all documents containing the contents and the prosecution and the court judged that there was no problem. 

Although we understand the position of the customer who broke the car, we can't take responsibility for the part where there is no fault."


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