'Apple is pulling power trip on 3 domestic mobile carriers'....FTC-Apple battle
'Apple is pulling power trip on 3 domestic mobile carriers'....FTC-Apple battle
  • Lee Jun-sung
  • 승인 2019.01.23 09:57
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The Fair Trade Commission (FTC) is reviewing Apple's alleged power trip on three domestic mobile carriers through advertisements.
The FTC and Apple have engaged in a battle. The FTC is reviewing allegations that Apple has handed over advertising and device repair costs to local mobile carriers.
In case of iPhone TV advertisement, product advertisement for iPhone is carried on and logos of mobile network providers are exposed for a while after the advertisement. Apple is suspected of forcing three mobile communication companies to pay for this advertisement.
The FTC believes that Apple's such action is illegal, saying that Apple's action is based on the company's superior position in the smartphone market.
In response, Apple argues that Apple is not in a strong negotiating position against three mobile carriers so that it is not in a superior position. The FTC's third full-session meeting about Apple is to take place on Jan. 20.
If Apple is found to have exercised its power trip on three mobile carriers at the meeting, the FTC can impose fines up to 2% of sales on Apple. In this case, the total amount of fines on Apple will be tens of billions of won.


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