Digital Esset Exchange 'MACH Exchange', Launching Beta Services early February
Digital Esset Exchange 'MACH Exchange', Launching Beta Services early February
  • Jung Se-jin
  • 승인 2019.01.28 11:21
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Block Chain Platform Project, the beta service of 'MACH Exchange', a digital set exchange based on DAIOS, will be launched in early February.

To establish trust technology based on blockchain, MACH Exchange introduced a service where AI chatbot acts as a mediator between sellers and buyers.

DAIOS is a blockchain cloud platform services project under way by DAIB Inc., a developer and it is looking for a new cloud platform that combines AI technology with blockchain technology. 

DAIOS aims to establish a community with a number of developers specializing in AI and security so that everyone can receive compensation for their contributions fairly, not the current centralized cloud system.

Based on such technical know-how on blockchain and AI technologies, DAIOS has been working together in variety of fields such as development of platforms of Machinery and provision of AI chatbot services.

"Launching of the Machinery Exchange is expected to have a huge impact on the MACH coin, which is currently listed on the cryptocurrency exchange and showing a robust amount of transactions," a DAIB source said. "Investors are also expected to succeed in the DAIOS project, which provided momentum for the growth of the MACH exchange."

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